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Stay safe on the road at all times with our help

Over time it's natural for your vehicle to need brake work

Are you confident in your vehicle's brakes?

If not, bring it to us for a diagnostic checkup.

Natural wear and tear can cause you to seek out brake services for your car. Bring it to our shop for diagnostics, and a repair solution that will meet your budget and get you back on the road driving with confidence.

Rest assured we have the brake parts you need in stock

Expect a quick turnaround on necessary brake repairs with our huge inventory of parts readily available. Though you can repair brakes on your own, know that it is an intricate system that should be handled by a professional technician.

Schedule inspection and services

• Brake pads, shocks and struts replacement

• Rotor replacement and turning

• Tire balancing and rotation

• Brake fluid check

• Brake lines, hoses, and other components

• Brake bleeding

• Brake part sales

• Emergency repairs

You're offered many maintenance services, including service to farm machinery. Have your work done on brakes, shocks, alignments, and exhausts among other regular maintenance. Enjoy on-the-farm service. Call us for tire pickup and delivery.




If you have a vehicle emergency or just need an appointment,

call 502-875-3650.